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Country Reports

While U.S. foodservice growth may be showing signs of slowing, there is a world of opportunity for suppliers and operators to expand their horizons and enter new markets. Technomic’s Country Reports provide key information on economic figures, consumers attitudes, menu trends and more for the leading global foodservice markets.

Economic Update Consolidated key performance indicators, like GDP, DPI, unemployment and more, organized by country. Synthesized analysis by Technomic.

Consumer Trends and Analysis
Analysis of the eating habits of thousands of global consumers. Additional analyses, including consumer ratings by segment and demographics included.

Menu Trends
Includes in-depth examination of each global trend and executive takeaways. Available in global and regional views.

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Available Reports

Russia Country Report

Chains are aiming to drive takeaway sales by offering on-the-go options, which will make it interesting to see how full-service operators react to the growth of off-premise. Get the full overview on these trends and more in Technomic’s 2018 Russia Country Report.

Malaysia Country Report

To keep up with evolving consumer needs, Malaysian operators are switching up venues and formats to offer more convenient locations and off-premise options. Explore more trends and discover which brands are growing in this region in Technomic’s 2018 Malaysia Country Report.

Kuwait Country Report

The Middle East region has been maintaining a reputation as one of the most diverse markets for global brands, and Kuwait is no exception. Discover the trends in this globally inclusive region along with its expanding collection of chains in Technomic’s 2018 Kuwait Country Report.

Spain Country Report

Explore which specific chains are entering the Spanish market and discover the latest menu trends and consumer data in Technomic’s 2018 Spain Country Report.

Philippines Country Report

Discover which specific Philippine chains are expanding, along with an overview of additional trends in Technomic’s 2018 Philippines Country Report.

Canada Country Report

Find out more about these top Canadian operators along with the top trends in the country and menu additions in Technomic’s 2018 Canada Country Report.

United States Country Report

The United States continues to see a lot of new trends, everything from innovative variations of the burger to fresh condiment options. Stay ahead of these changes with Technomic’s 2018 U.S. Country Report.

Mexico Country Report

New players entering Mexico’s coffee cafe segment are making the market increasingly more competitive and dynamic. Get the full overview in Technomic’s 2018 Mexico Country Report.

Colombia Country Report

Starbucks, Juan Valdez, and Tostao are all expanding the market in their own unique ways, with each brand occupying different areas within the market. Discover more in the 2018 Colombia Country Report as Technomic continues to monitor growth projections.

Brazil Country Report

Operators are optimistic about consumer spending amid low interest rates and slow inflation, but competition among brands is rising as economic conditions become more favorable. Get the full picture of these changes in Technomic’s 2018 Brazil Country Report.

Germany Country Report

From grab-and-go coolers to kiosk ordering terminals, more options are popping up for time-pressed consumers. Stay on top of these trends with Technomic’s 2018 Germany Country Report.

France Country Report

Take a closer look at the adapting French market with Technomic’s 2018 France Country Report.

Australia Country Report

Dive deeper into menu trends, consumer preferences and economic performance with Technomic’s 2018 Australia Country Report.

United Kingdom Country Report

Discover shifts in consumer preferences, economic performance and menu trends with Technomic’s 2018 U.K. Country Report.

India Country Report

Monitor chain expansion and stay on top of shifts in local consumer preferences and with the 2017 India Country Report.

China Country Report

Expand your horizons and gain an understanding of who the Chinese consumer is, how the economy is performing and what future trends your business can capitalize on with the 2017 China Country Report.

Japan Country Report

Japan remains a crucial market for global brands, causing intense competition for its players. Stay ahead of existing challenges and ensure future growth with the 2017 Japan Country Report.

South Korea Country Report

Stay current on industry news, emerging menu trends and consumer purchasing decisions with the 2017 South Korea Country Report.

Saudi Arabia Country Report

Learn key information on the country’s consumers, economy and foodservice scene to find out how your business can succeed there with the 2017 Saudi Arabia Country Report.

United Arab Emirates Country Report

Learn key information on the country’s consumers, economy and foodservice scene to find out how your business can succeed there with the 2017 UAE Country Report.


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