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Top 150 Global Chain Restaurant Report

Expand your horizons and get a closer look at the global chain restaurant industry with Technomic's Top 150 Global Chain Restaurant Report. Tap into expert market analysis, chain performance rankings and concept profiles by market for the leading global brands.

Chain restaurants labeled as global brands encompass all those currently operating in three or more countries or autonomous territories. Corporate headquarters for these chains may be based anywhere in the world.

How can you use this report?

  • Understand the sales and unit performance of the Top 150 global chains by segment and menu type
  • Identify the leading and fastest-growing U.S.- and non-U.S.-based chains by global sales.
  • Gain insight into global news headlines to reveal prevailing industry, menu and consumer trends.
  • Leverage expert Technomic insight into the future of global foodservice to support your expansion initiatives.


  • The global rise in plant-based dining, vegan and vegetarian diets, and creative use of vegetables signals a shift in healthy dining and overall lifestyles.
  • The Middle Eastern region continues to be a key foothold for global expansion.
  • Asian dishes and ingredients continue to influence menu development across many global markets.
  • Blurring dayparts and food mashups are driving menu innovation to various degrees across most global markets.
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