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The College & University foodservice landscape is changing: student palates are evolving which means institutions need to stay innovative. In order to effectively compete in this unique segment, suppliers must understand these dynamics.

Technomic is embarking on a multi-client study entitledC&U Foodservice 2021: Assessing the Trends Impacting College & University Foodservice Over the Next 5 Years. This study is positioned to aid in understanding the trends, dynamics and drivers currently affecting the C&U foodservice sector, along with a forecast of what we can expect to see in the future.

Sponsorship Benefits:

  • Identify opportunities within segments of the foodservice market based on C&U type, operational system, student profile, etc.
  • Understand C&U foodservice director attitudes and practices, and track changes from previous study waves
  • Access actionable insights, implications and recommendations to most effectively target this growing and influential market segment

Study Deliverables:

  • A comprehensive assessment of the value of all food, beverage, equipment, supplies, disposables and chemicals sold into the C&U foodservice market
  • Results from qualitative interviews with C&U foodservice directors based on a representative survey sample by region and by 4-year versus 2-year institutions
  • Identification, rationale and prioritization of growth opportunities
  • 5-year forecasted view of the numerous factors affecting the College & University foodservice sector
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