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On-Premise Intelligence Report

The on-premise channel is crucial to adult beverage brand development and sales success. Technomic and Beverage Marketing Corporation have partnered to produce the 2017 On-Premise Intelligence Report, which provides on-premise industry pros with category and brand performance metrics, operator insights, and projections for where the on-premise channel is headed.

The report also includes deep on-premise consumer insights derived from Technomic’s Drinker Archetypes. This multi-phased psychographic segmentation model analyzes on-premise consumers to uncover their unique personalities and behaviors, key occasion attributes, drink preference and more.

How will this report help my team?

  • Leverage expertise from trusted resources to understand on-premise channel trends, metrics and dynamics
  • Identify new product, drink and occasion opportunities
  • Understand consumer attitudes, behaviors and purchase drivers
  • Support strategic planning, go-to-market initiatives and trade engagement programs
  • Optimize drink and menu development and backstories to build brand support in restaurants and bars
Quench Consumers’ Unique Thirsts

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