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Consumers Demand Crave-able Flavors and Customization


Thinking of all the reasons that people select which restaurants to visit—convenience, the experience, healthy offerings, etc.—the top driver always comes back to crave-ability. Offering crave-worthy flavors is key to winning over your customers. 

Prince Castle—the leading provider of patented proprietary kitchen and tabletop technologies for the world’s top restaurant brands—used consumer data from foodservice research firm Technomic to determine the best way to satisfy people’s desires for crave-able flavors.

Sixty-three percent of consumers say that dips, condiments and sauces are an appealing way to add flavor. Fifty-four percent of consumers prefer restaurants to carry a mix of sauces, from the unique to the known. More than fifty percentof consumers like flavor combos such as sweet and savory or sweet and smoky.Prince Castle’s FlavorBar® satisfies many consumer interests in new and unique ways. This sauce dispensing ecosystem lets diners customize a recipe with up to 900 different flavor combinations. Customers can then save the recipe to a mobile app to scan and dispense at a future visit, or share recipes on social media with friends and family. FlavorBar® helps bring several important dining trends together: flavor variety, customization and consumer engagement. These factors are all important to today’s consumers and when restaurants offer them, they can increase brand loyalty and store traffic.

Among the many consumer preferences regarding flavors, there are two key factors to consider: spotlighting new flavors is essential at restaurants, and customization is now an expectation. In fact…

  • 65% of consumers like trying new flavors from time to time.
  • 61% of consumers say the ability to customize their order is important when visiting a fast-food restaurant, and 62% say the same of a fast-casual restaurant.

What this means for operators is that adding new flavors means increased visits and spend.  In fact…

  • 73% of consumers are more likely to visit a restaurant that offers new flavors.
  • 66% of consumers are willing to spend more on a meal that features new flavors.

This important research from Technomic demonstrates that flavor variety, customization and consumer engagement are what diners are seeking today when they eat out. A flavor ecosystem like FlavorBar® can help restaurants meet these trends, and with the flexibility that FlavorBar® offers, they can continue to evolve their flavor offerings as their menu and consumer tastes change.

To learn more about FlavorBar®, visit or contact

Source: Technomic, 2017 Flavor Consumer Trend Report

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