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What is MenuSurf?
Using analytics, expert insight and creativity, MenuSurf provides your organization with a suite of culinary services designed to support your menu research from start to finish. The program has three separate stages to support your needs: Currents for initial ideation, Waves to optimize your sales mix and Splash to monitor post-launch success.

How does MenuSurf help kick-start innovation?

  • Support marketing prioritization and menu development with metrics from over 200 LTOs a month
  • Streamline menu development with Technomic’s LTO innovation updates
  • Test the consumer appeal of 80+ new menu ideas annually, prior to investing in their development

MenuSurf is also available in Canada.


Currents: Initial ideation

Concept Prioritization
Filter down large sets of new concept ideas during the early stages of menu development using a prioritization survey of a nationally representative sample of consumers

Ideation Metrics

Purchase intent
Craveability & Uniqueness
Incremental Visit Potential
Willingness to Pay & Repeat Trial
Seasonal & Brand Fit
Demographic Preferences

Ideation Reporting
Support menu ideation with customized trend reports, featuring data and insights from Techomic’s consumer and menu tools

Tailored Insights Used

Consumer Preferences
Competitive Menu Reviews
Trending Flavors and Ingredients
Menu Gap Analyses
Concept Recommendations

Waves: Optimize your sales mix

Menu Optimization
Forecast the impact of new items on your sales mix using a custom consumer survey of your customer set or targeted demographics

Ideation Metrics

Probability of Purchase
Incremental Consumer Reach
Estimated Cannibalization
Willingness to Pay

Splash: Monitor post-launch success

In-Market Monitoring
Monitor execution of service, marketing and culinary aspects of an LTO using a variety of methodologies, from in-store intercepts and experience audits to receipt-based surveys

Implementation Metrics

Purchase Percentage vs Intent
Post-purchase Program Awareness
Ad for POS-driven Trial
Quality and Taste Ratings

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