Consumer Insights

Every company must identify and understand their current, potential and lost customers. Even though consumer data is easy to acquire, the challenge is turning data into actionable insights. Structuring an effective consumer research project, and interpreting the results, requires a deep understanding of the restaurant industry and your brand's unique position within it.

Whether you need to address a particular problem, or test a potential solution, your confidence in research results depends largely upon the firm you choose to conduct your project. Our consumer research services provide the insights and expertise you need to move forward with confidence. We can help you:

  • Learn what is most important to consumers—and how your concept performs in these areas.
  • Uncover which other restaurants are in the consideration set and where consumers are going when not visiting you.
  • Understand perceptions held by non-users regarding your brand.
  • Measure consumer awareness of attributes you consider to be essential to your brand.
  • Pinpoint the optimal pricing mix for menu items, or opportunities from new menu items.
  • Identify key attributes/themes for marketing communications.


Get MORE from your research

Because our expertise includes foodservice and research, you get the best value when you partner with Technomic. We take a consultative approach, helping you design your project in a way that ensures you capture the most essential information. And because we know the restaurant industry inside—out, we provide unparalleled insights when interpreting your data. You'll gain actionable recommendations—and feel confident in the results.

Consumer Insights
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