Experience Audits

In order to truly understand and capitalize on the connection between your concept and your customers, you must understand every aspect of the dining experience through their eyes. It's a perspective that starts the moment a customer reaches the parking lot, and ends when that customer leaves the restaurant or finishes their takeout food at some other offsite location.

Technomic's Experience Audits provide these perspectives, by using a trained expert who actually sits in your restaurant, interacting with your staff, food, atmosphere and every other experiential aspect of your restaurant, and does the same at your competitors' concepts.

After a strategic consultation with your team, Technomic's experts, well-versed in the areas of field marketing, menu analysis, and operations, go onsite to conduct anonymous evaluations. The checklist of critiqued items is based on a proprietary Winning Value Proposition equation that truly identifies and separates successful concepts from the "rest of the pack." Key components of the formula include:

Consistently Solid Basics

  • Service
  • Food
  • Unit Appearance

Resonating Points of Differentiation

  • Customer Lifestyle Integration
  • Hospitality
  • Menu Desirability
  • Atmosphere
  • Concept Essence
  • Manager Presence

At the conclusion of the study, your team receives a PowerPoint analysis of the findings, along with valuable photographs of all evaluated concepts that bring the analysis, insights, and recommendations to life. In addition, a senior member of Technomic will review our analysis with your team (teleconference included, or in-person for an additional charge) to discuss the on-site experiences and resultant insights and conclusions.

Experience Audits
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