Operations Improvement

Foodservice operators are often faced with a key management challenge— improving unit performance and profitability. We have helped operators enjoy significant improvement in their bottom line by examining their existing operations and providing actionable solutions that make a real difference.

When existing units are underperforming, we can help you identify the reasons why and recommend steps to enhance their profitability.

Specifically, we can assist you by:

  • Evaluating over 100 operating attributes to benchmark your units' execution against industry standards or that of key competitors.
  • Identifying where short-term profit improvements can be made and quickly implemented.
  • Conducting consumer research to assess how customers perceive and rank your concept.
  • Evaluating existing operating systems to ascertain where inefficiencies are restricting profits.
  • Creating (or updating) monitoring and coaching systems for Quality, Service and Cleanliness (QSC).
Operations Improvement
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