Optimizing Employee Engagement

Why employee engagement?

Employee engagement is the degree to which team members feel personally connected to their workplace and the outcomes they are responsible for achieving. An engaged team member feels a stronger connection to their organization which in turn influences them to help the company succeed. They are fully involved in and enthusiastic about their work and thus drive the organization's goals and results.

Low engagement has been linked to declines in sales and productivity, more workplace accidents and higher voluntary turnover. Therefore, the goal of this survey is to assist organizations in transforming their workplace through awareness of how team members view their place of work and the outcomes they are responsible for achieving.

This survey should be used as part of the process of building a culture that enables and values engagement, building the right systems and management infrastructure and building skills in all team members, both hourly and management, to make it work.

Technomic's Four Engagement Factors:

Trust: The effectiveness of Management in terms of communicating and acting in a manner that builds affinity between your company and each employee. Trust is a crucial element to ensure Engagement can occur.

Clarity: The role of organizational goals and expectations in terms of the employee experience. Ensuring these goals and expectations are understood and in alignment with each individual is key.

Growth: The employee's perceived ability and desire to excel and advance. This includes the importance of benefits and pay that are meaningful along with the ability to have a voice and move up in the company.

Common Purpose: The alignment of company values and an individual's values, both in terms of their importance and execution. The level of connection and appreciation the employee feels they have and receive from your company.

These factors were created by an expert team of industry, survey and industrial psychology professionals.

Optimizing Employee Engagement
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