Restaurant Chain Strategy Reassessment

The environment in which your restaurant chain operates is more competitive today than ever before. Margins are razor thin. Consumers have redefined the value equation. And competitive differentiation has become increasingly difficult.

These and other post-recessionary challenges make it critical for restaurant chains to reevaluate business strategies and concepts. Are all components of your strategy mutually reinforcing? Does your strategy leverage your strengths as an organization? What are the trade-offs (and their impact) inherent in your strategy?

Technomic's Chain Strategy Reassessment is designed to assist the board of directors and senior leadership of restaurant chains in answering these critical questions. A strategy assessment includes:

  • A frank, independent and objective assessment of your company's strategy, tactics and execution
  • Short- and long-term recommended strategy and tactics
  • independent assessment of your company and its strategic positioning

It can be used as:

  • A starting point for the chain's own strategic planning process
  • A tool for the board to assess the current strategic plan

A Chain Strategy Reassessment is a streamlined process and is far more compressed than a typical strategic planning program, which can often take more than six months. For a midsized restaurant company, Technomic can deliver results in as little as four weeks.

Restaurant Chain Strategy Reassessment
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