U.S. Market Entry Strategies

Many chain restaurants headquartered outside the United States are interested in pursuing an expansion strategy that targets U.S. consumers. Technomic partners with them to adapt, test, build and launch U.S.-based units, providing extensive insights into competitive issues, operational concerns and consumer dynamics unique to the U.S. and encompassing all restaurant segments.

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Count on Technomic's broad and deep knowledge of the U.S. foodservice market to assist in various ways, including:

Research and Planning

  • Assess the viability and potential opportunity of a new concept (new to U.S. markets), including suggested adaptations for U.S. consumers, menu prototypes, and consumer testing
  • Expertise in site selection strategy and geo-market support for real estate matters
  • Competitive analysis for specific restaurant segments, geographic areas, and/or target consumers


  • Manage architectural design and site construction
  • Develop operating standards and procedures; assist in hiring and training managers and staff
  • Manage restaurant launch and implementation of operations system


  • Assist in finding and/or negotiating with joint venture partners or investors
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