Customer Advisory Boards

Customer advisory boards provide one of the best tools for gaining feedback and support from customers and strengthening trade relations. Whether you're a manufacturer of food, equipment or disposables, your most important customers include distributors and foodservice operators in various segments of the industry.

But launching and managing an advisory board may be difficult without external assistance. That's where Technomic can help. Working through our well-established network of connections with operators, we can help you establish a forum for effective customer feedback. Let us organize, manage and moderate each meeting.

Depending on your goals, objectives may include:

  • Engage with operators or distributors in an open discussion and dialogue about key issues impacting their business.
  • Learn how your products, programs and people can improve operators' or distributors' sales and profits.
  • Gauge interest in new products, programs and approaches.
  • Provide your advisory board participants with special information and analysis critical to their business, relying on Technomic-presented industry insights.
  • Ultimately, build a platform from which your company can establish and nurture stronger customer relationships and intimacy.

The good news is that there are tremendous opportunities to improve your trade spending return on investment. It involves evaluating your effectiveness before renewing deals.

Customer Advisory Board
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