Customer Satisfaction Studies

At Technomic, we believe if you take care of your distributor and operator customers, then high growth, improved profitability and employee morale, and other measures of corporate success will naturally follow. The tricky part is trying to ascertain customer satisfaction levels and determine exactly what customers want and expect from you. Fortunately, Technomic can help.

A Technomic Customer Satisfaction Study helps you to:

  • Determine your customers' needs
  • Measure your company's performance on a number of attributes
  • Identify gaps between customer expectations and organizational performance
  • Gauge customer loyalty
  • Compare how you're doing vs. competitors
  • Assess your company's image and reputation among customers and nonusers
  • Adjust strategies based on customer feedback and your organization's core competencies
  • Make improvements based on specific recommendations
  • Track changes over time
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
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