Strategic Acquisition Assistance

To drive growth in a difficult environment, consider a strategic acquisition rather than wait for an opportunistic acquisition to be presented to you by investment bankers. We'll meet with you to understand your business objectives and the role a strategic acquisition could fulfill. Then we analyze relevant consumer and channel trends. This information provides guidance on the food categories that best support those trends and are poised for growth. Lastly, we identify and evaluate potential acquisition targets based on these trends, the category opportunity, their capabilities and, importantly, their fit with your organization. We can also help you to evaluate opportunistic acquisitions by analyzing candidates and markets, and performing due diligence.

What you gain:

  • Demographic and psychographic trends that are driving consumer behavior
  • Market segments that present the best growth opportunities
  • Foodservice product categories and companies that show the greatest growth and profit potential and fit with your organization
  • A short list of screened acquisition candidates
  • Integration planning
Strategic Acquisition Assistance
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