Online Services

Online Services

Digital Resource Library

Our online, searchable foodservice database provides 24/7 access to our best-selling and most essential facts and insights.


Search and analyze thousands of current menus from major chains, regional emerging chains and innovative independent operators.

Consumer Brand Metrics

Suppliers and operators can better understand unique customer insights with our ongoing monitoring of consumer attitudes, usage and preferences within specific segments and across diverse user groups.


Assess competitive menu pricing and refine your price strategy with this time-saving service, which includes detailed spreadsheets and analysis by meal part, item and price.

Foodservice Essentials

Technomic experts — working in collaboration with the International Foodservice Distribution Association (IFDA) and
the Foodservice Sales & Marketing Association (FSMA), have created "Foodservice Essentials: Industry Knowledge Made Easy,"
a training program designed for industry professionals to learn and quickly understand the intricacies of the foodservice
business that can otherwise take years to learn.


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