Getting Foodservice Professionals Up to Speed at Their Own Pace

There's more to foodservice than distribution, chefs, supply chains, cooking and serving food. This complex industry employs 14 million people and demands professionalism now more than ever.

Technomic experts — working in collaboration with the International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA) and the Foodservice Sales & Marketing Association (FSMA) — have created "Foodservice Essentials: Industry Knowledge Made Easy," an online training program designed for industry professionals to learn and quickly understand the intricacies of the foodservice business that can otherwise take years to learn.

Foodservice Essentials includes 12 learning modules covering a vital range of foodservice information from all sectors of the industry, including: building trade relationships, operator segment realities, cutting edge menu insights, culinary trends, consumer demand and demographics. This groundbreaking education can help your associates work more effectively with trade partners, better understand customer needs, make vital industry connections, and ultimately help build your bottom line. Training includes competency testing at the end of each module. Total training time takes approximately 10-12 hours, or about one hour for each module.

Who Can Benefit:

  • Manufacturer, distributor and broker sales representatives
  • Sales and development managers throughout the industry
  • Rising leaders who would benefit from a broader perspective
  • F&B specialists
  • Marketing professionals
  • Menu R&D experts
  • Customer service
  • Trade relationship specialists

Learning Modules:

  • Industry Overview
  • Industry Structure: Manufacturers, Distributors
  • Industry Structure: Operators
  • Functional Roles & Purpose
  • Process Flow & Buying Practices, part 1
  • Process Flow & Buying Practices, part 2
  • Trading Partner Relationships, part 1
  • Trading Partner Relationships, part 2
  • Operator Segment Realities
  • Business Economics
  • Menu & Culinary Trends
  • Consumer Trends & Drivers
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"Our goal is to help less-tenured professionals get grounded quickly on the intricacies of the business that can otherwise take years to master."
Mark Allen
President and CEO of IFDA
"We are excited about the potential for Foodservice Essentials training to boost the skills of our member companies. The content is high quality and entertaining, and delivers exactly what we need in a comprehensive online training program."
Rick Abraham
President and CEO of FSMA


Full Program
Number of Students IFDA, FSMA and
Technomic Planning Program™ Members
1 $699 $1,395
5 $649 $1,395
10 $599 $1,395
25 $549 $1,395
50 $499 $1,395
100 $419 $1,395
Per Module
  IFDA and FSMA Members Other
  $229 $349
For more information contact: Emily Hallock 312-506-3925

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