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Technomic Access—powered by Technomic's library of more than 100 Consumer Trend Reports and thousands of monthly consumer surveys—drills down to the data and analysis you need with pinpoint accuracy. Access delivers crucial industry, menu and consumer trends in key foodservice areas. Our intelligence empowers you to leverage the consumer attitudes, purchasing decisions, behaviors and preferences that drive your business.

Our keyword-search and point-and-click capabilities mean you aren't just buying reports. You're putting a comprehensive consumer research team at your fingertips. With Access, each decision you make—from menu change to marketing message—will be an informed one.

Research Scope

Product Categories
Foodservice Segments


  • Find specific insights  by searching across our full report library
  • Explore important report highlights with easy-to digest Key Themes & Implications summaries
  • Dive deep by viewing, downloading or printing full reports and data files
  • Extract key data with report- and presentation-ready charts, tables and graphs
  • Create custom reports and presentations  in your company's style and format
  • Archive all reports and deliverables on a central site
  • Easily access Technomic's responsive, experienced team for any help needed along the way


  • Keep your team informed with our turnkey deliverables
  • Build a selling story quickly and easily
  • Leverage comparison data to gain insights on shifting industry, menu and consumer trends
  • Identify key demographic differences noted throughout reports
  • Translate trends and flavor preferences into more business
  • Follow consumer decisions along the path to purchase

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