Operator Immersion Tours

Hands-on exposure to what's trending now!

Technomic Operator Immersion Tours are professionally conducted tours of restaurants and foodservice companies that provide a first-hand look at what's going on in today's restaurants. Your tour can be tailored to specific cities, markets, or geographic regions.

We take you to the newest and most interesting restaurants across the United States. Since new ideas come from everywhere, you may want to visit well-known, established operators, but also smaller, "one-of-a-kind" concepts that are a hit with customers. 

Technomic Immersion Tours typically cover:

  • Trend Setters
  • Menu Innovations
  • Unique Independents
  • Regional Concepts
  • Established Chains

Tours are tailored to meet your needs and interests. No matter which segment you'd like to explore, we'll develop a tour that's right for you. We work with you to clarify specific goals and objectives and develop a strategy that best accomplishes them.

Operator Immersion Tours will help your company:

  • Identify and study hot new restaurant concepts
  • Find out what's working and why
  • Gain insights into current and future eating trends, including concepts on the horizon
  • Learn lessons in innovation from operators beyond your own segment
  • Think outside the box and discover new applications for your business
  • Stay ahead of your competition and gain competitive advantages 

Occasions for scheduling tours:

  • Company retreats
  • Competitive segment reviews
  • Conventions
  • Strategy sessions
  • New market studies

Immersion Tours are priced according to length and complexity, including planning and travel arrangements. A senior Technomic consultant speaks with clients to learn their specific needs. Costs typically include: professional fees; travel expenses incurred by Technomic (lodging, air travel, etc.) billed at cost; and out-of-pocket expenses related to the tour, billed at cost.

Packages include:

  • Tour planning (stores, directions, itinerary, etc.)
  • Coordination of travel reservations
  • Study tour book for each participant (fact sheets on key operators to be visited)
  • Conducting the tour
  • Facilitation of tour discussion sessions
  • Professional summary of the tour
  • Consumer & retail trends presentation

Technomic is uniquely qualified to conduct Operator Immersion Tours for your group. As foodservice strategists, we are intimately aware of consumer trends and new restaurant concepts that address consumer needs and interests. We are well informed about new operations in all segments of the industry and have a strong network of affiliates who keep us current on what's going on nationwide.

All tours are planned and conducted by a Technomic principal or consultant. In addition to their backgrounds (restaurant operator, chef, etc.), our principals and consultants visit hundreds of restaurants annually. Our strategic skills and knowledge enable us to share educated insights.

Technomic is the most recognized and experienced group of consultants and researchers serving the food and restaurant industries. Founded in 1966, our broad base of domestic and international clients includes major food manufacturers, distributors, and supermarket companies, as well as chain restaurants, other foodservice operators and related trade associations.

Operator Immersion Tours
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