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SmartSupport provides customized, in-depth solutions using Technomic's robust library of syndicated resources and programs, such as MenuMonitor, Consumer Brand Metrics (CBM), ACCESS, the Digital Resource Library (DRL), Foodservice Planning Program (FSPP) and more.

Why Use SmartSupport

  • Conduct research when you're short on staff and time.
  • Uncover critical insights and deeper findings that stem from current trends.
  • Gain a better understanding of industry financials.
  • Profile companies or entire restaurant segments.
  • Gauge consumer sentiment at a product or operator level.

Segment and Category Studies

Tapping into five syndicated databases, a library of industry reports and multiple other in-house resources, SmartSupport delivers tailored solutions to your specific questions. Here are some examples of the types of projects for which SmartSupport's services are typically engaged: Custom projects of any type can be seamlessly integrated with your company's social media presence and other aspects of your corporate messaging.

Business intelligence
Key metrics & trends
Account prioritization
Segment & concept overviews

Pricing analysis
Price premiumization trends
Competetive gap analysis
LTO deep dive
Innovation assessment
Flavor & ingredient analysis

Brand health profiles
Attitude & usage
Brand & occasion-specific insights: - demographic breakouts - segmentation - ordering/purchasing trends - menu data

Unlimited Scope

Technomic's breadth of data and resources are sourced to conduct your research project(s). Working as an extension of your organization or on an ad-hoc basis, the SmartSupport team uses only the data specific to your needs to deliver the results that matter most to you.

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