Menu, consumer, competitive, and industry insights

For the past decade, Technomic's Consumer Trend Reports have combined the latest consumer, menu and industry trends into comprehensive yet easy-to-leverage studies to guide your strategic initiatives with immediate application for sales, marketing and culinary roles. Our library of reports, with new topics offered monthly, provide expert insights, implications and opportunities into what's now and what's next for key foodservice categories, segments and occasions in the U.S. and Canada.

By the Numbers

  •   150+ titles, valuable benchmarking data back to 2006
  •   28,000+ annual consumer interviews provide comprehensive analysis and insights
  •   1,500 respondent operator panel provides business-building perspectives
  •   7,000+ menus analyzed for ingredient, flavor and category level trends
  •   20+ new studies per year, each with forward-thinking key themes, implications and outlook

Research Scope: Explore More Than 125 Titles


  • Trends—a forward-thinking look at trends impacting the category or topic.
  • Menu—analysis of exclusive MenuMonitor data reveals leading menu trends.
  • Consumer—identify the evolution of consumer behaviors, attitudes and preferences.

Report Features

  • The latest consumer research: Exclusive Technomic surveys of U.S., Canadian, and U.K. consumers.
  • Comparative benchmarking data back to 2006 for some titles: Comparison data from previous reports reveals shifts in consumer preferences and behavior.
  • In-depth coverage and analysis of restaurant menus: MenuMonitor, Technomic's exclusive online trend-tracking resource, reveals menu trends and opportunities.
  • Trends, key findings and actionable opportunities: Expert insights to better position your brand and products for success.
  • Comprehensive executive summary: Insights, implications and areas of opportunity for operators and manufacturers.
  • Consumer data tables: Easy-to-navigate electronic format includes all consumer interviews tabulated by cluster segments for gender, age, generation, ethnicity, income and region.

Report Benefits

  • Keep your team informed with our turnkey deliverables
  • Build a selling story quickly and easily
  • Leverage comparison data to gain insights on shifting industry, menu and consumer trends
  • Identify key demographic differences noted throughout reports
  • Translate trends and flavor preferences into more business
  • Follow consumer decisions along the path to purchase


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