Pizza Consumer Trend Report

Pizza consumption is high and has remained relatively steady since 2012. However, the category is evolving as the fast-casual pizza segment gains momentum and pushes pizza players to focus on innovative, high-quality pizzas served in a more upscale environment. Click through the "Features" and "Benefits" tabs below to learn how this valuable report helps suppliers and operators capitalize on opportunities.

  • The latest consumer research: Exclusive Technomic survey of 1,500 consumers.
  • Benchmark data from earlier reports: Comparison data from Technomic's 2008, 2010 and 2012 reports reveals shifts in consumer preferences and behavior.
  • In-depth coverage and analysis of restaurant menus: MenuMonitor, Technomic's exclusive online trend-tracking resource, reveals pizza menu trends.
  • Trends, key findings and actionable opportunities: Expert insights into the future of pizza to better position your brand and products for success.
  • Top 10 Key Themes & Implications: A valuable, all-in-one PPT guide of the study's top takeaways and opportunities to easily identify and share report highlights.
  • Consumer Data Tables: Easy-to-navigate electronic format includes all consumer interviews tabulated by cluster segments for gender, age, generation, ethnicity, region and income.
  • PowerPoint Presentation: An in-depth presentation containing all report exhibits and corresponding key findings is also available.
  • Understand pizza consumption: Assess pizza occasion dynamics to learn how often, why and where consumers purchase different types of pizza; Pizza for dine in, carryout and delivery; Take-and-bake pizza; Retail frozen pizza; Pizza and non-pizza chains and independents; Retailer prepared-foods areas; Leading retailers and pizza restaurant brands.
  • Examine attitudes and purchasing decisions: Discover how taste, quality, health, value and more impact pizza purchasing behavior.
  • Support menu and product development: Pizza variety, flavor, topping and accompaniment (e.g., sides, desserts, etc.) preference data helps prioritize the menu and product mix.
  • Benchmark your concept against key competitors: Consumer rankings for more than 10 leading LSR pizza chains regarding 10 attributes, including craveability, LTOs, value and takeout capabilities.
Pizza Consumer Trend Report

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Pizza Consumer Trend Report
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