The Future of FSR: Family-Style Restaurants

Half of parents visit family-style restaurants at least once a week, but nearly as many Millennials visit these locations just as often. In order to thrive in today's competitive market, family-style restaurants will need to recognize the wide-ranging needs of their core customers, families, as well as their future consumers, Millennials. Click through the "Features" and "Benefits" tabs below to learn how this valuable report helps operators and manufacturers navigate these industry shifts and capitalize on opportunities.

  • The latest consumer research: Exclusive Technomic survey of 1,500 consumers.
  • In-depth coverage and analysis of restaurant menus: MenuMonitor, Technomic's exclusive online trend-tracking resource, reveals menu trends within the family-style segment.
  • Trends, key findings and actionable opportunities: Expert insights into the future of family style to better position your brand and products for success.
  • Comprehensive executive summary: Insights, implications and areas of opportunity for operators and manufacturers.
  • Consumer data tables: Easy-to-navigate electronic format includes all consumer interviews tabulated by cluster segments for gender, age, ethnicity, region and household income.
  • Featured on Technomic Access: Our exclusive online tool allows subscribers to conduct customized searches, download specific insights and graphics and create tailored presentations directly from this and other reports.
  • Powerpoint Presentation: An in-depth presentation containing all report exhibits and corresponding key findings is also available.
  • Understand family-dining restaurant patronage: Discover what drives consumers to visit family-style restaurants, occasion dynamics and competing foodservice locations, as well as patronage deterrents.
  • Explore attitudes and purchasing decisions: Examine how price, quality, menu differentiation and more factor into the family-style purchasing decision. Delve into the key amenities and services that keep customers coming back.
  • Support menu and product development: Identify consumers' family-style food and beverage preferences at breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as for snacking and late-night occasions.
  • Benchmark your concept against key competitors: Learn how often consumers visit more than 20 leading family-style and family-casual restaurants, and how they rate these concepts in terms of quality, variety, health, service, ambiance and value.
The Future of FSR: Family-Style Restaurants

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The Future of FSR: Family-Style Restaurants
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