Takeout & Off Premise Dining Consumer Trend Report

Consumers order takeout (including carryout and delivery) as a faster, more convenient and often less expensive foodservice option than dine-in. Click through the "Features" and "Benefits" tabs below to learn how this valuable report helps suppliers and operators capitalize on opportunities.

  • The latest consumer research: Exclusive Technomic survey of 1,500 consumers.
  • In-depth analysis of takeout menu, marketing and concept trends: Explore the trends that continue to shape takeout and how they are leveraged across different foodservice locations.
  • Trends, key findings and actionable opportunities: Expert insights into the category to better position your brand and your products for success.
  • Top 10 Key Themes & Implications: A valuable, all-in-one PPT guide of the study's top takeaways and opportunities to easily identify and share report highlights.
  • Consumer Data Tables: Easy-to-navigate electronic format includes all consumer interviews tabulated by cluster segments for gender, age, generation, ethnicity, region and household income.
  • Concept & Takeout Positioning Profiles: Profiles of 10 concepts with an innovate approach to takeout.
  • PowerPoint Presentation: An in-depth presentation containing all report exhibits and corresponding key findings is also available.
  • Examine "to go" purchasing behavior: Measure purchases at limited- and full-service restaurants and retail stores; identify usage at breakfast, lunch, dinner and for snacking occasions; learn how price, speed of service, packaging and more impact purchasing decisions
  • Fuel menu and product development: Discover which takeout foods consumers prefer for lunch and dinner and for solo and group takeout occasions.
  • Reveal preferred "to go" amenities by location: Learn where consumers want and expect to see amenities such as call-ahead, online and mobile app ordering.
  • Gain a competitive edge: Examine consumer perceptions of takeout capabilities for 40 leading limited- and full-service chains.
  • Explore catering opportunities: Understand catering usage and purchasing decisions to capitalize on this additional revenue channel.
Takeout & Off Premise Dining Consumer Trend Report

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Takeout & Off Premise Dining Consumer Trend Report
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