Market Intelligence Report: Convenience Stores

As more convenience stores increase their focus on providing a wider variety of fresh, high-quality food offerings, competition is heating up within the market as stores strive to gain a greater share of stomach and compete with restaurants. Click through the "Features" and "Benefits" tabs below to learn how this valuable report helps suppliers and operators capitalize on opportunities.

  • Executive Summary of insights, implications and opportunities
  • Ranking of the 50 Leading Convenience Store Brands
  • Real-life examples of new products and promotions
  • Company profiles of the leading c-store chains
  • Tap the $11 billion c-store foodservice industry, which comprises 28% of retail host foodservice.
  • Satisfy the 32% of consumers who say they purchase food or beverage at c-stores at least once a week.
  • Study consumer behavior, including what time of day they visit and how much they expect to pay for meals and snacks.
  • Compare consumers' perceptions about c-stores with their thoughts on fast-food and full-service restaurants.
  • Evaluate the menu items that leading c-stores are currently offering, from beverages to desserts and everything in between.
  • Explore the leading companies and brands that are driving the c-store foodservice industry.
Market Intelligence Report: Convenience Stores

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Market Intelligence Report: Convenience Stores
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