Category Close-Up: Vegetables—Redefining Fresh

The Category Close-Up: Vegetables report draws from a variety of Technomic research platforms to help industry executives stay smart about trends in fresh produce. Insights from our menu analysis tool, MenuMonitor, reveal overall usage patterns, while original consumer research shows vegetable consumption frequency, as well as general consumer attitudes towards health and wellness.

I. Building the Case for Fresh Produce

  • Top Reasons why vegetables are increasing on menus
  • General consumer trends regarding health and wellness
  • Overview of menu and consumer trends for 19 different vegetables

II. Vegetable Menu Analysis

  • Menu trends and overviews for four different vegetable categories
  • Five year trends for 19 types of vegetables across U.S. restaurant menus
  • Vegetable use by mealpart
  • Top and fastest-growing dishes using various vegetables
  • Types of operators offering each vegetable
  • Common ingredient pairings for vegetables
  • Menu examples of unique dishes featuring vegetables, with pictures

III. Consumer Trends

  • General consumption frequency for 19 types of vegetables
  • Age and region demographics for each vegetable

IV. Concept Profiles

  • Four concept and menu profiles for innovative chains showcasing fresh produce in unique ways

Operator and manufacturer foodservice executives reap important lessons in innovation and consumer appeal, specifically:

  • Understanding and identifying current category trends, with deep-dives on 19 different vegetables
  • Exploring menu incidence with insights on operator usage
  • Capturing consumer perspectives and preferences, especially regarding health and wellness
  • Examining category growth drivers
  • Reviewing recent promotional and limited-time offer initiatives
  • Gaining marketplace intelligence through operator profiles
Category Close-Up: Vegetables

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Category Close-Up: Vegetables
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