Other Research Groups

Insights Groups

Adult Beverage Insights Group
Senior adult beverage executives receive regular research briefings and convene three times a year to review presented data.

Convenience Store Insights Group
Members gain expert Technomic perspectives on consumers, products and venues via several comprehensive reports with key takeaways presented at an annual forum.

Retail Meal Solutions Insights Group
Technomic's exclusive program provides foodservice operators and suppliers with the insights and perspectives needed to drive profits.

Catering Insights Program
Technomic's catering studies provide powerful insights into B2B and consumer catering dynamics and actionable strategies for tapping into this substantial revenue opportunity.

Supplier Share Groups

Share opinions and perspectives with your peers in a "safe" environment designed to foster best practices insights, networking for solutions and decision support, and practical applications. Current share groups:

Marketing Share Group

Sales Share Group

Trade Spending Share Group


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