Category Management Share Group

Don't face your challenges alone!

Technomic developed a collection of share groups to help industry professionals identify better approaches for tackling today's top foodservice challenges. By providing informative updates and creating a "safe" environment for sharing opinions and perspectives, participants have access to a forum that delivers:

  • Best practices insights
  • Networking for solutions and decision support
  • Practical applications

Participants in each share group are invited to attend two 1-day meetings each year. Topical conversations continue throughout the year via webinars led by a senior Technomic manager who shares relevant research and commentary with the group. Meeting topics are selected by members, who can also request conference calls, as needed, with the senior Technomic manager. Other features include:

  • Guest speakers
  • Recorded meetings
  • Attorney in attendance (for groups requiring legal oversight)
  • "Creative thinking" format
  • Access to Technomic research

Category Management Topics Include:

  • Category reviews
  • Data analytics
  • Skill sets
  • Leaders vs. laggards
  • Scope of program
  • Best practices
  • Executional issues and practices
Category Management Share Group
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