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Technomic's collaborative approach allows sponsors to shape studies by:

Determining and defining categories
Selecting the issues and challenges assessed
Submitting survey questions
Analyzing findings to support your initiatives

Sponsors who join at or before study inception also receive a final proprietary report.

Upcoming Studies

  • Beverage FAFH Marketplace (View Brochure)
  • Pizza: A Complete Look at Pizza in Away-From-Home and At-Home Channels
  • Sandwich: A Comprehensive Assessments of Category Dynamics and Opportunities
  • Bakery
  • College & University
  • C-store: Packaged and Fountain Beverage
  • Brand Power: Status and Future for Brands in Foodservice (View Brochure)
  • Natural & Organic (View Brochure)
  • Alternative Channels (View Brochure)
  • Sustainability
  • Digital 2.0: Priorities & Opportunities
  • Off-Premise Outlook and Opportunities (View Brochure)
  • Selling to Commissaries: Commissaries Serving Supermarkets, C-stores, Drug Stores and Other Retailers
  • Back on Top: Why Independent Operators Are Thriving and Can They Maintain Momentum?
  • Janitorial / Sanitation

Completed Studies

  • Whiskey On-Premise: Growth Opportunities and Challenges in Restaurants and Bars (View Brochure)
  • Trade Spending: Recent Trends, Best Practices, Benchmarking and Forecast
  • Away-From-Home Breakfast: Capitalizing on Growth Opportunities
  • On Demand Delivery: Disrupting the Future of Foodservice (View Brochure)
  • Disposables Packaging 2016
  • K-12 Feeding Today's Kids
  • Future of Sourcing
  • Convenience Store Foodservice: Outlook & Opportunities
  • Back on Top: Why Independent Operators Are Thriving and Can They Maintain Momentum?
  • Gen Z: Decoding the Behaviors of the Next Generation
  • Canadian Foodservice Beverage Marketplace
  • Catering Insights Multi
  • On-premise Craft Beer and Cider
  • On-Premise Bar Mixers: Understanding and Leveraging Opportunities for Non-Alcohol Cocktail Ingredients
  • Understanding the Lodging/Hotel Food and Beverage Channel
  • Digital Opportunities & Priorities: Optimizing Your ROI on B2B Website, Social Media and Mobile Technologies
  • Understanding the Healthcare Foodservice Segments
  • Wine On-Premise: Trends, Innovations & Opportunities
  • Online Onslaught: Why and How E-commerce Will Transform the Foodservice Distribution Business

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