On-Premise Craft Beer & Cider:
Opportunities, Challenges and Innovations

Craft beer and cider are dynamic, fast-growing categories that are re-shaping the beer landscape, particularly in the on-premise market. To assist beverage professionals in developing strategies for success, Technomic's On-Premise Craft Beer & Cider: Opportunities, Challenges and Innovations study is designed to help trading partners understand the current environment and emerging opportunities. Specifically, the study will:

  • Clarify the size of the on-premise craft and cider markets, including growth trends and forecasts
  • Understand competitive intensity
    • Leading national and regional brands and suppliers
    • Product proliferation
  • Identify consumer preferences, purchase drivers and perceptions around craft and cider
  • Uncover operator selection criteria, operational issues and valued partnership attributes
  • Illuminate trends in craft beer and cider at on-premise segments
  • Provide customized insights and recommendations

The study is open to multiple sponsors, who will have the unique opportunity to shape its parameters and content. Category and brand metrics, consumer insights, operator intelligence, channel dynamics, custom recommendations—sponsorship of the On-Premise Craft Beer & Cider study arms your team with fact-based insights to drive your strategic initiatives.

On-Premise Craft Beer and Cider
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