Parties Off Premise (POP) 2012

Growth Opportunities from Catering for Consumer Social Occasions

Technomic's 2009 study on consumer purchases of party platters and other large orders for personal entertaining and social occasions uncovered a substantial opportunity for restaurants and retail operators.

More than a third (36 percent) of consumers reported having ordered party platters or bulk appetizers and entrees from a restaurant or retailer (e.g., supermarket, warehouse club) for a personal social occasion rather than for a business or work-related occasion and the overwhelming majority (93 percent) expected this type of socializing to continue or increase. In terms of sourcing food for these occasions, restaurant usage was found to be comparable to the use of retailers (68 versus 69 percent, respectively).

The recent/current economic environment and an increase in the number of chains focusing on catering warrants a fresh look at the consumer off-premise catering market, including:

  • Current market size and growth forecasts for consumer off-premise catering purchase
  • Usage of chain restaurants vs. independent restaurants or caterers as well as usage of specific brands for these occasions
  • Daypart/occasion and product usage
  • Factors influencing sourcing selection
  • Comparative findings: comparison data from Technomic's 2009 Parties Off-Premise Study will reveal shifts in preferences, usage, sourcing and expenditures
Parties Off Premise (POP) 2012
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