Concepts 2020

In-depth identification and analysis of emerging restaurant concepts and their long-term consumer appeal

Technomic is proud to announce the launch of our Concepts 2020 program, designed to identify emerging restaurant concepts and analyze their long-term consumer appeal. In the fourth installment in a series of industry studies (including Concepts 2000, 2010 and 2015), we will identify operator best practices and trends crossing menu clusters, and tap the pulse of today's restaurant patron with relevant consumer restaurant data.

This broad concept scan will provide valuable information and insights into successful operational elements with strategic implications for chain restaurant management and their suppliers. With a focus on innovation that integrates with consumers' lifestyle demands, a key component of success for restaurant operators, our program identifies small regional chain and independent concepts, with an eye on expansion, newly redefined chains and international contenders that are hitting the sweet spot of today's consumer. We review and benchmark innovators that typically fly under the radar—to help you better understand consumer appeal and attractiveness—and deliver a detailed outlook to help chains drive traffic volume and increase ROI.

  • In-depth concept analysis—identification of emerging restaurant concepts in 29 menu clusters, with detailed evaluation on the following operational elements and attributes:
    • Menu—type of food offered, quality, variety, healthfulness, flavor, sophistication, ethnicity, indulgence, freshness, portions, nutritional disclosure and menu evolution.
    • Décor/Ambiance—contemporary elements, comfort attributes, casual-dining environment, influence of entertainment, and family-friendly appeal.
    • Service—focusing on hospitality, memorable execution elements and various concept amenities, including drive-thru and takeout, aimed at enhancing customer convenience.
    • Price—strategies that create perceived value, such as small plates, combo meals, dollar menus, everyday low prices and fixed-price menus.
    • Technology—identifying the evolution of customer-facing technology and its impact on the consumer experience.
    • Consumer Research—understanding attitudes and usage drivers for each cluster.
  • PowerPoint presentation of key findings
  • Robust appendix will include:
    • Detailed profiles on 300 emerging chains and independents, including restaurant concept positioning, menu positioning and key contacts.
    • Listings by segment, cuisine and geographic location, including analysis by daypart, segment, menu and concept elements.
Examples of concept clusters:
$10 Over Better Burger Coffees & Other
Non-Alcohol Beverages
FSR Mexican Other Ethnic Seafood
$10 Under Better Burger Cupcake Grilled Cheese Other Frozen Dessert Snack
AM Eatery Family Style LSR Asian Other Healthy Steak
Bakery Café Frozen Yogurt LSR Mexican Other Pizza Varied Menu
Barbecue FSR Asian Made-to-Order Pizza Salad Winghouse
Chicken FSR Italian Mediterranean Sandwich  
Cities included:
Concepts 2020 Identify and deconstruct emerging restaurant concepts and analyze their long-term consumer appeal
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