Long-term Foodservice Forecast Program

Technomic's annual “wall chart,” with segmentation, size, and current growth estimates, has long been the foodservice industry's standard reference tool. Now you can receive a frequently updated five-year outlook at a far greater level of detail than the annual wall chart—perspectives not available from any other source. Drawing upon Technomic's extensive industry knowledge, data sources, and contacts, this program is a
must-have for any company conducting long-range planning and wishing to protect and leverage its foodservice investment.

Unique Deliverables

Year-by-year dollar and real growth forecasts with an expanded level of detail

  • Five-year outlook, plus current and last two years
  • Subtotals for Top 100 chains, 101-500 chains and independents/small chains, plus contractor-managed and self-operated accounts
  • Limited and full service restaurant units (for Top 100, 101-500 and small chains/independents)
  • Manufacturer shipment and operator purchase/distributor sales
  • Provided in Excel spreadsheet format

Executive summary includes discussion of key forecast drivers and macroeconomic assumptions

Subscription Details

Each subscription year includes:

  • New forecast each September
  • Formal mid-year update
  • Additional update(s) as conditions warrant

One- and three-year subscriptions are available.

Long–term Foodservice Forecast Program
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