Understanding Your Brand Performance In The Independent Restaurant Space

Technomic is dedicated to supplying leading data, analysis and consulting solutions designed to positively impact the food industry's growth and profitability. In 2016, Technomic is launching Volumix™, a new resource for manufacturers that incorporates three years of operator purchase data (SKU level) from more than 26,000 independent restaurants and small chains.

Volumix content

Data mapped to Technomic's category hierarchy with accompanying details by subcategory, operator segment type, region, manufacturer and brand

Units of measure by dollars and/or volume

Category volumes projected to segment and region totals thru proprietary models

Primary deliverables:

  • Operator purchase data updated monthly
  • Quarterly Power Reports with data tables
  • Technomic insight plus 12 hours of analyst support*
  • Pinpoint polling:
    • — Ability to survey the operator panel using custom screening criteria
    • — Includes one poll per year
    • — Additional polling opportunities are available*
  • Custom queries:
    • — Proprietary reporting
    • — Data drill-downs

*Per subscribed category

Data Fields

Volumix provides several key data fields giving subscribers precise details related to their category:

- Segment
- Cuisine Type
- Number of operators & penetration
- Region, state & DMA
- Transaction period
- Category & Sub-category
- Manufacturer share
- Brand share
- Units of measure (cases, lbs./gallons)
- Price—average, range

Census Regions

Technomic understands that most manufacturers analyze how their products are performing in various regions throughout the U.S as well as nationally so Volumix monitors nine specific regions:

Category Selection

With more than 100 key categories tracked, Volumix's data is formidable and deep. Click here for detailed list.

Next steps

For more information, to see sample data and deliverables or to subscribe to this resource, please contact your Technomic representative or call/email us at 312.506.4076 | info@technomic.com.

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