Global Capabilities

Global market composition is changing rapidly and staying ahead of this activity can be challenging. Technomic’s team of global experts can keep you aware of international movement and help you react to these shifts. 

Global Capabilities

An exclusive membership for chain operators, manufacturers, distributors and industry allies providing access to key insights, strategies and trends that exist around the globe.

Treat yourself to the number one source for updates on international innovation.

Individualized research focusing on opportunity assessments, brand equity evaluations, acquisition analyses and more.

Uncover the rapidly changing worldwide off-premise marketplace.

The United Arab Emirates market is known for adoption of new technology, causing the foodservice landscape there to shift rapidly. Keep track of these changes with Technomic’s 2018 Top 100 United Arab Emirates Chain Restaurant Report.

Saudi Arabia is known to be accepting of chain brands from other countries, but who are the other growth brands and how are they performing? Understand the local chain landscape with Technomic’s 2018 Top 100 Saudi Arabia Chain Restaurant Report.