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Erik Thoresen

Since 2002, Erik Thoresen, Principal, has managed proprietary studies and consulting projects for leading food and beverage companies as well as developed new global information products and services. He also frequently shares his knowledge of team dynamics/engagement, the retail environment, consumer trends and emerging markets in presentations at conferences and other industry events, and has been quoted in the national media.

Able to convert complex research findings into accessible insights, Erik has collaborated with numerous trade groups including the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association and several international trade organizations. He has also authored several Technomic whitepapers and a recently published book entitled Team Next: A Foundation for Building Agile Innovation Teams.

Erik earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and Marketing from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he served as Associate Director of the Food and Brand Lab. Erik has also received certification through the Managing Product Design and Development Executive Program at Northwestern University.

What Bananas and Transistors Have in Common | TEDxGrantPark 2017

Transistors are a small tool that enabled the computer revolution; what will enable a food revolution? Erik Thoresen talks about how the food industry has enabled indulgence for decades, and the next generation of food will look very different. His research digs into how people look at food today and what they expect from it, and he plans to use this knowledge to identify the tools that will enable a food revolution. Learn more at

Technomic's Take


Technomic's Take: Five Important Questions About the Future of Amazon and Whole Foods

By Erik Thoresen, Principal on June 30, 2017

The consumer is bound to be the inevitable winner in Amazon’s recently announced deal to acquire Whole Foods. More importantly, integrating the two operations will not be easy at the outset. This new union also tells a tale of colliding missions. Read more »

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