Operator Archetypes

Assess Segment Opportunities

Support your marketing spend by using Operator Archetypes, a cost-effective, tested segmentation model built to uncover the size of the opportunity within each segment. 

  • Understand distinguishing sourcing and purchasing behaviors, importance of product attributes and more.
  • Leverage implications by segment to understand where your product fits. Identify strategies to target the best-aligned and lucrative operator partners for your business. 
  • Capture the voice of the operator within each segment, via qualitative interviews, to better understrand their needs and wants.

Take your strategy to the next level

  • On demand quantitative study—Get timely turnkey business solutions by submitting questions to a dedicated online panel.
  • On demand qualitative bulletin—Gain access to an invitation-only community where suppliers can ask questions to an engaged audience of operators. 
  • 1-year typing tool access—Use Technomic’s proprietary algorithm to calculate the Archetype an operator falls within.
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