Canadian consumers continue to crave sandwiches, with 61% consuming them at least once a week. What is changing, however, are consumers’ preferences, including a desire for new or unique flavors and flavoured buns or breads. Discover sandwich trends and shifts in consumption with the 2018 Canadian Sandwich Consumer Trend Report. Drive growth by leveraging key industry and concept trend analysis along with actionable data from more than 1,000 consumers.

Report Benefits

  • Learn how often and why consumers order sandwiches
  • Examine how quality, uniqueness, health and more impact sandwiches
  • Fuel menu development by analyzing preferences for breads, proteins, cheeses, condiments and toppings
  • Assess key menu and concept trends to identify what’s next for sandwiches
  • Learn which chains stand out for sandwich craveability

Report Features

  • Full report narrative in PowerPoint format
  • Access to consumer survey
  • Full access to the Ignite online platform to navigate through report
  • Consumer data sets in excel
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