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Over the past several years, the bakery category has been directly affected by evolving market conditions, ranging from rapidly changing consumer demands to increasing regulatory pressures. The growing need for better-for-you and portable solutions are just two of the many dynamics impacting the category.

Given the complexity and constant evolution of the industry, Technomic recently completed The 2016 Away-from-Home Bakery Products Category: Update and Outlook for the U.S. Marketplace study, the sixth edition of the report. This study is positioned to guide your organization through key developments on the size and growth of the foodservice and in-store bakery channels, the initiatives of leading and emerging chains, and the changing consumer and operator behaviors.

Sponsorship Benefits:

  • Understand the current size of the U.S. bakery category (foodservice and in-store bakery) by product category and format
  • Leverage foodservice operator, supplier and distributor views relative to performance, category management strategies and purchase data
  • Gain access to the latest menu analyses via Technomic’s MenuMonitor database
  • Garner custom insights based on proprietary survey questions

Study Deliverables:

  • A comprehensive volumetric and qualitative category assessment
  • Identification, rationale and prioritization of growth opportunities
  • Historical and three-year projected growth rates by product category and format
  • Key conclusions and implications based on the size and growth changes of the various product categories
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