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The Evolving Family Experience

America’s families are transforming as a result of demographic shifts in the population and evolving attitudes toward marriage and family. The foodservice industry is also experiencing changes, as the popularity of off-premise dining is bringing more restaurant meals to the family table.

What do these changes mean for family dining occasions? To help operators and suppliers understand and respond to evolving needs and expectations toward family dining, Technomic is launching The Evolving Family Experience Study. This study will provide valuable information and insights to help you prioritize product, menu and service initiatives to meet the needs of America’s families.

What can you solve for?

  • What factors influence families to dine out versus take advantage of off-premise options or prepare a meal at home?
  • What are similarities and differences based on generational stage, ethnic background and family composition?
  • How much focus should be put on kids’ options based on their influence on purchase decisions? How do the ages of children and other family members impact decisions?
  • Are there elements that can further drive on-premise family dining occasions, such as bundled family meals, enhanced kids’ menus or technology?
  • Are there foods and beverages that are preferred by certain family members, and are there value-add attributes that can be touted to increase consumer draw?
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