Future of Casual Dining

As currently defined, casual dining is the second-largest restaurant segment, making it a key factor in full-service and overall industry performance trends. Casual dining is also an important segment for consumers, as the segment enjoys the highest level of patronage among FSRs. However, once a key driver of growth, casual dining’s sales and traffic trends now lag the industry overall.

Understand the changing consumer, economic and market dynamics that are redefining casual dining with the 2019 Future of Casual Dining Multi Client Study. Findings from this study will support industry stakeholders with the data and insights necessary to foster innovation and develop strategies to drive sustainable growth.

Use this study to:

  • Predict the future of the segment using past and present economic, menu and consumer trends.
  • Develop strategies to anticipate and lead change in casual dining.
  • Understand consumer attitudes and preferences toward CDRs in order to effectively meet their needs the future. 
  • Gain perspective on how CDRs are evolving their concept to meet changing consumer demands and emerging market dynamics. 
  • Measure shifts in visit frequency and patronage.

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