Global Menu Mapping

As restaurants and manufacturers increasingly look outside their home markets for expansion, there is a growing need for menu intelligence that spans international markets. The constantly evolving restaurant industry demands that stakeholders with interests beyond their home markets understand how menu boards vary not just by market, but also regionally and globally. Further, there is also a need to understand why menus vary.

Analyze menus across global markets with Technomic’s Global Menu Mapping Multi Client Study. Findings from this study will help surface actionable insights that address a variety of operator and manufacturer intelligence needs.

Use this study to:

  • Gain visibility into menu localization strategies across countries
  • View category penetration on a country, regional and global scale
  • Identify areas of opportunity for underpenetrated categories or areas of the menu
  • Navigate through global chain menus and benchmark offerings

Operator Scope

Analysis of global chains, with local menu profiles for each market
Analysis of local leading chains’ menu positioning

Segment & Menu Category Scope

Analysis of menus by segment and major menu category

Prdouct & Ingredient Scope

Findings for ingredients and menu items such as potato, proteins, sandwich carriers, beverages, desserts, etc.

Country Scope

North America (U.S., Canada)
Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile)
Europe (U.K., France, Germany, Spain, Russia)
Middle East (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey)
Asia (China, Japan, South Korea, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia)


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