Post-Pandemic Consumer Path to Purchase

As the pandemic has contributed to uncertain finances, the role of foodservice has shifted in consumers’ everyday lives, from where they work to how they behave in public.

To provide restaurant operators and their supplier partners with extensive research and recommendations, Technomic is undergoing the Post-Pandemic Consumer Path to Purchase Multi Client Study. This study is designed to uncover where consumers will dine, how they will dine and with whom they will dine so that marketing and innovation strategies can better align with the new consumer path to purchase.

Questions you can answer with this study:

  • What did the journey from path to purchase look like prior to the pandemic and how has it since changed?
  • How are consumers behaving now? Will the new behavioral patterns stick?
  • How has the competitive landscape changed?
  • Which drivers influence decision-making at each step of the journey? How have the changes impacted menu, marketing and pricing strategies?
  • What strategies will be best suited for reaching today’s foodservice consumer?

Segment Scope

  • Quick service
  • Fast casual
  • Midscale
  • Buffet/self-service
  • Casual dining
  • Upscale/fine dining
  • C-store foodservice
  • Retail foodservice
  • Independents vs. chains

Ordering Channel Scope

  • Digital and web/app-based
  • In-unit
  • Drive-thru
  • Takeout
  • Delivery

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