Operator Community Panel

Join the Operator Community PanelTechnomic delivers timely turnkey business solutions through customized online research with the Operator Community Panel, an invite-only forum where manufacturers engage an audience of operators in conversation about hot-button issues. 

Available Research Opportunities

  • Awareness, attitude & usage studies 
  • Concept and in-use tests
  • Ad and website testing 
  • Quick polls and bulletin board questions
  • Online bulletin board/focus groups
  • Brand equity assessment
  • Customer satisfaction studies 
  • Tracking studies
  • Other custom studies

Value to Sponsors

  • Targeted—Research aligns with sponsors’ strategic interests 
  • Timely—Quick turnaround times for those must-have data points
  • Dependable—Dedicated, engaged panel members 
  • Cost-effective—Program syndication significantly reduces an individual sponsor’s fee for custom research 
  • Support—Full-time project directors ensure panel maintenance and front- and back-end consulting support
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