Consumer Brand Tracking

Technomic’s comprehensive consumer brand tracking, powered by Ignite, answers the most-essential questions in foodservice:

  • Who’s visiting top chain restaurants, c-stores and major retailers?
  • Why are they visiting?
  • And what do they think of them?

Based on a recent foodservice visit to a specific brand, Ignite tracks more than 60 different attributes, plus metrics such as occasion drivers, craveability and demographic data. Ignite’s consumer brand tracking offers an accurate and up-to-date method to benchmark guest satisfaction as well as operator performance. The program also analyzes on-premise adult beverage occasions, including category of beverage ordered and overall impact on visit satisfaction.

Tracked attributes include:

  • Safety and comfort
  • Food and beverage quality
  • Service
  • Amenities
  • Atmosphere
  • Value
  • Technology
  • Convenience
  • Loyalty

The service provides ongoing trend data for chain restaurants, leading convenience stores and major retailers.

Ignite also tracks Canadian restaurants.

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