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The foodservice industry is complex. The way you grow your knowledge about it shouldn't be.

Technomic’s Ignite Company tool provides expert insight into every facet of the industry, allowing you to access all things foodservice in one convenient location. Ensure that your most important business decisions are backed by data and a team that you can trust.

Whether you’re a supplier looking to target and prioritize accounts, an operator in need of competitive intel or a financial firm evaluating performance, Ignite Company is designed to do all that plus more.

Program Components

Chain Restaurant Profiles

Access a library of in-depth U.S. restaurant operator profiles with financial performance, annual sales forecasts for the top 1,500 chains, year-over-year traffic change (for 140 chains), top operating markets, demographic skews and competitive performance analyses.

Also available: Canada, distributor and beyond restaurant subscriptions

Industry Sizing & Forecasts

Understand areas of industry growth with our interactive market sizing and forecasting tool, including an overall industry performance index, commercial and beyond restaurant segment sales forecasts, a heat map of local-level locations and more.

Also available: Canada

Market-Level Views

Anticipate sales shifts at the local level with current and forecasted foodservice sales for 400 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) in the United States.


Keep up with the latest industry trends with a robust library of trend reports, including economic updates, industry forecasts, news digests and the industry’s bellwether Top 500 Chain Restaurant Report, the new Beyond 500 Chain Restaurant Report or the Top 200 Canadian Chain Restaurant Report, depending on your subscription.

Download a sample from the Beyond 500 Chain Restaurant Report.
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Industry Reports

Reports outlining industry performance by segment and menu category.

Industry Programs

Map out your strategic plans with confidence by joining a membership program. Gain access to ongoing foodservice guidance, including syndicated research, reports, long-term forecasts and expert support.

Menu Trends

Access the Ignite's menu database for menu gap analyses, regional flavor trends, limited-time offer ideas and readily downloadable and shareable data.

Consumer Brand Tracking

Ignite's consumer section compiles 60 industry attributes such as visit drivers, craveability and demographics to benchmark guest satisfaction, competitor performance and supplier metrics.