Economic Impact Navigator

The Economic Impact Navigator is a subscription program for ongoing industry insights through the lens of economic developments. The program offers important updates on consumers, operators and the economy to help you prepare for what’s next. We help you monitor changes, anticipate industry shifts and understand how consumers and operators relate to the industry.

Strategic Planning
With updated forecast as well as operator and consumer data, our experts provide the analysis necessary to keep from being caught off guard by major economic developments.

Major Event Impact
We help operators and suppliers understand the economic and industry implications using ongoing studies, scenario planning and impact modeling.

What is included?

Biannual Economic Outlook Report and Forecast Updates The comprehensive biannual reports will combine economic data and insights, our enhanced forecasting model and in-depth survey research on both consumers and operators to provide the key insights necessary to prepare for a post-COVID-19 environment. Program members will receive monthly updates to Technomic’s five-year, long-term forecast report.

Online Dashboard Access
Access to the economic forecast data and results via online dashboard. The dashboard contains monthly updates to the yearly economic outlook as well as historical tracking of each key component that is found to drive sales in the industry. Program participants will have an opportunity to shape the final product.

Economic Disruptor Reports
Given the challenge in predicting certain events that may impact the economy and industry, such as natural disasters, labor shortages or a pandemic, this program will include economic disruptor reports as dictated by events.

COVID-19 Research Studies
Receive the 12-week series of COVID-19-focused reports spanning mid-March to early June 2020 for insights into consumer and operator behavior, as well as adaptations, during the initial period of the crisis to better understand how to respond in the short term and evolve in a post-pandemic environment.

Survey Access
Add up to 10 questions per year in our monthly survey for either consumer or operator insights. A short report will be issued covering the selected questions. These questions are designed to elicit the general response that is representative of the marketplace's response to ongoing economic developments throughout the year.

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