Get the research and data you need to assess the risk and reward of foodservice industry financial involvement.


Embark on your next investment with an industry leader by your side.With decades of foodservice experience, Technomic’s in-house army of experts have a constant ear to the street. Simply put, no one knows foodservice better.

Technomic delivers solutions for investors by providing research and data to assess the risk and reward of foodservice industry financial involvement. We offer investors and firms industry-specific data, competitive positioning information, sales trends and unit economics, operating-system benchmarking, site selection process and strategy, consumer research, on-site inspection data, franchisee relationship metrics and supply chain systems.

Predict market trends. Leverage the power of Ignite to receive historical restaurant performance tracking to and aid in deal origination.

Analyze risk. Tap into our team of due diligence experts to assess the competitive landscape, forecast growth potential and perform operational audits.

Manage your investment. Monitor the health of your investment post-deal execution using our broad array of custom research capabilities, such as brand perception studies, menu evaluations and performance benchmarking.

Financial Products and Programs


Industry Reports

Gain access to industry performance by segment and menu category with these industry reports, updated annually.


Ignite Company

Set your strategy with foodservice industry size and forecasts, market-level operator intel and more from Ignite Company.


TIndex (Technomic Index)

TIndex is the Technomic Index on the total U.S. foodservice industry reported monthly.

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