Convenience-Store Program

Technomic's Convenience-Store Program leverages the power of CSP, the market’s leading convenience magazine, to provide retailers and suppliers with perspectives needed to drive business. Utilizing leading c-store consumer reporting and brand tracking, members can keep their finger on the pulse of the c-store industry.

Membership to this program includes ongoing access to the following online resources, along with webinars.

Convenience Company Profiles

Ignite’s company profiles boast a broad array of functionality that will provide you with rich insights and a seamless user experience:

  • 600+ detailed, exportable profiles ranked in order of total U.S. units
  • Expanded chain data including food & beverage revenue and growth
  • Identify operators in new ways (ATMs, roller grills, etc.)
  • New channel insight reports and trend analysis
  • Company-wide access for your organization

Ignite Consumer

Gain access to ongoing consumer foodservice occasions tracking for 27 leading convenience stores. Ignite’s consumer platform is powered by recent consumer ratings, occasion metrics and demographics to provide you with up-to-date competitive information and brand insights.

Continuous Convenience Store Trend Updates

  • Consumer attitude and usage tracking of c-store foodservice and beyond
  • Comprehensive industry update report and webinar
  • Convenience Market Report highlighting emerging trends in consumer c-store visits

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