Custom Syndicated Research

Do you have specific and time-sensitive requests for menu, consumer or industry trends and data?

Contact Technomic’s SmartSupport program to access a dedicated help desk that will compile our expansive library of syndicated research products for you. The research program is available for the U.S. and Canada.

Popular requests include:

  • Account Prioritization: Identify where the best product-placement opportunities exist across menus
  • Product-Specific Deep Dives: Define the trajectory of any product across menus; assess the best combination of format and flavor for targeted initiatives
  • Segment and Concept-Level Business Intelligence: Leverage menu, consumer and industry data for valuable business insights
  • Brand Health Studies and Scorecards: Provide comprehensive, brand-focused perspectives across a variety of metrics
  • Competitive Landscape Assessments: Survey the dynamics and key trends impacting your competitive space
  • Flavor/Ingredient Analyses: Sourced from Technomic's MenuMonitor database
  • Pricing Analyses: Provide optimum pricing metrics for your operation

Download the white paper to see what's possible:

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